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Angry Birds 2

Get Ready for the Most Astounding Bird-Flinging, Pig-Smashing Action Ever!

Angry Birds 2 Review
Avg. Rating: (28 Player Ratings – Avg. Rating 3.68 out of 5) Rate
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AS Exclusive Review Summary


  • Brilliant presentation
  • Fun destructive gameplay
  • Some cool innovations
  • Maintains the series’ zany sense of humor


  • Limited lives restrict how you play
  • Too much randomness
  • Often feels unfair

Game Description

The Flock is Back, Baby!

The Angry Birds may have won every battle against the Bad Piggies, but the war continues to rage on. Nothing will stop those dastardly porkers in their never-ending quest to eat the ultimate omelette, and they’ve got a new line of dirty tricks up their sleeves to rob the Flock’s nest. If you want to put a stop to their evil schemes once and for all, then prepare to get angrier than you’ve felt in all your life. If you thought the birds were scary before, you haven’t seen anything yet!

Classic Angry Birds Action

The Piggies have numbers. The Piggies have machines. The Piggies have forts. The Flock has a slingshot. Fortunately, that’s by and large all they’ve ever needed to teach those greedy egg-nappers a lesson. Destroy their structures with extreme prejudice and burning rage!

• Complete over 200 challenging pig-smashing levels.
• Watch the destruction unfold with all new super-detailed and dynamic visuals.
• Fling one bird after another to eliminate every last pig you find.
• Cause as much chaos as possible to earn more birds.
• Test your skills against the pigs’ most powerful bosses.
• Pile on the destruction with environmental hazards, including TNT crates, spitting flowers, spinning fans, bottomless pits and more.

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All Your Favorite Birds

The family that rages together stays together. Join all the familiar faces of the Flock and use their unique abilities to scorch the earth and roast the pigs! 

• Use Red the red bird to topple buildings over with a powerful battle cry.
• Shatter ice and glass with the Blue Brothers when you split them into three.
• Reduce wood to splinters with Chuck the yellow bird and his speedy mid-air dash.
• Blow up everything with Bomb the black bird.
• Lay an explosive egg in mid-air with Matilda the white bird.
• Throw the pigs in for a literal loop with Silver.
• And more!

Let’s Put a Spell on You

Are the Bad Piggies proving to be too clever for you? Then show them what for with an arsenal of awesome new spells.

• Launch the Golden Duck to rain golden duckies all over the pigs and their creations.
• Turn all blocks into easily-shattered pieces of ice with the Freeze spell.
• Cook the pigs with a red hot Chili Pepper.
• And more!

Start Seeing Red

In the previous Angry Birds games, you’ve seen the flock take on the pigs in their world, for the holidays, on the racetrack, in outer space, and even in the universes of Star Wars and Transformers. Now you can experience the next step in the franchise’s evolution with Angry Birds 2. With classic gameplay, brand new features, and greater visuals that make it look like you’re playing a cartoon, you have what may very well be the biggest, baddest and angriest Angry Birds adventure ever devised. Best of all, you don’t need to pay to experience it, for this is one of the first free Angry Birds games you can play. Light your fuse, get into the slingshot, and let the battle commence!


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