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Angry Birds

Catapult Birds Towards Filthy, Thieving Swine in This Addictive Puzzle Game!

Angry Birds Review
Avg. Rating: (26 Player Ratings – Avg. Rating 4.62 out of 5) Rate
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What’s Free – Play game for 100 minutes.
File Size – 39.1 MB
Play It On –¬†Win XP/Vista/7
Game Created By – Rovio

ASO Exclusive Review Summary


  • Fantastic physics puzzles with universal appeal
  • Unique and memorable characters with charming storyline
  • Features 15 exclusive levels not available in other versions, making this much more than a demo
  • Snappy and intuitive controls that make the most out of touchscreens
  • Epic replay value

Game Description

Now everyone can experience Angry Birds!

Angry Birds is a deceptively simple puzzle game that is known for keeping players busy for hours at a time. It initially gained popularity as a phone-based game but has since stretched its boundaries and journeyed to other platforms as well.

Puzzles Based on Physics

Angry Birds has a fantastic physics engine that makes the game consistent and challenging. The pigs usually hole themselves up in bases made from combinations of wood, stone, ice, glass or snow, and some forts must be hit in a very specific way in order to clobber the pig hiding inside.

Sometimes you can make the buildings even stronger by attacking them in a way that makes the pieces fall tighter around the pig. It takes trial and error, strategy and logic to determine the best plan of attack against each puzzle. Be prepared to play levels multiple times before solving them!

Lock and Load

Who knew catapulting birds could be so much fun? Birds bent on revenge happily load themselves into a giant slingshot and wait for you to fire them at the enemies. You are in full control of the trajectory of each shot. One of the most enjoyable aspects of the game is simply experimenting with different ways of firing the shot.

There are also a variety of different birds to work with in each level with their own unique strengths and weaknesses. Sometimes, the birds you have to work with are as much of a challenge as the obstacles the pigs have come up with themselves.

240+ Levels of Pork Popping Mayhem

Angry Birds offers wonderful replay value due to the massive amount of levels in the game. In addition, all future updates are provided free of charge after the game is purchased.

Angry Birds Never Looked or Sounded Better!

The graphics and audio in the PC version of the game have been optimized for larger screens and bigger speakers. The resulting graphics are stunning and crisp, with zero pixelation or distortion.

The sound is also of the highest quality, meaning that all of the little noises the pigs and birds make will be clear as a bell.

Simple, Easy Controls

Angry Birds was initially created to work with a touchscreen interface, but Angry Birds for the PC uses the mouse instead with excellent results. In the game, your cursor appears as a floating hand. Simply pull back on the slingshot by clicking and dragging, and launch the bird by letting go.

Despite the simplicity, these controls are precise!

Golden Eggs to Collect

There are tons of golden eggs hidden in the game for you to find. Each golden egg opens up a special level for you to play. Collect them all!

Angry Birds offers addictive puzzle gameplay that players just can’t get enough of. This game provides a perfect balance between thought-provoking puzzles and the gleeful destruction of everything on the screen. It’s fun, fast and absorbing!

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