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My Horse

Groom, Feed, Train and Bond with Your Very Own Horse!

My Horse Review
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  • Amazingly realistic horse simulation
  • Astonishing graphics
  • In-game camera provides tons of fun
  • Social features make it easy to play and share with friends
  • Lots of stuff to collect

Game Description

It’s Your Horse of Course!

No more dreaming. The times of wishing that you could have a horse are over for now. My Horse gives you exactly what you should expect from the title: a horse of your very own. Now you can experience the thrill of tending to one of these beautiful and majestic creatures. It won’t be easy; horses may be strong animals, but they require a lot of love and care to lead happy and healthy lives. It will be up to you to feed your steed, clean up after it, and train it properly so that it can grow to be strong, fast and heedful of your commands. Who knows? You just might also raise a champion racer as well!

Get to Know Your Horse

The horse of My Horse is not just a walking bundle of statistics; it is treated as a living and breathing animal. It very much has a mind of its own and will graze, pace, run laps and play without any of your input. Like the real-life animal, every horse has a unique personality. Through careful consideration and tender care, both you and it can take the first steps to forming a beautiful friendship.

  • Drink in the look of your horse and its environment in beautifully crisp 3D graphics.
  • Watch your animal move with lifelike precision. Gauge its mood by paying special attention to its more subtle actions and motions, such as the position of its ears.
  • Give your horse a unique name.
  • Take snapshots using the in-game camera.
  • Call the animal over to your position with a single tap of the screen. Show your affection by stroking its muzzle.

The Care and Feeding of Your Horse

A horse is a big responsibility in both real life and in this game. Fortunately, the latter does not involve nearly as much back-breaking labor or the need to get your hands literally dirty. A few strokes of your finger are all that will be needed to tend to your horse’s needs.

  • Ensure your horse is properly fed by mixing the correct proportions of grain together.
  • Reward your companion for good behavior by feeding it treats like sugar cubes.
  • Pick up after the horse to maintain a clean and sanitary pasture.
  • Give your steed a good washing. Rub your finger over every inch of its coat to wash off all the grime and dust that it accumulated after a long day in the field.
  • Hire outside help to handle some of the more humdrum tasks, liking mucking the stables, restocking the feed rooms, and more.

Get Better Over Time

What you start out with in My Horse doesn’t necessarily equate to what you’ll end up with. As you play the game, tend to your horse, and so on, you’ll accrue a number of valuable resources, like money, that can be spent to improve your horse-rearing experience and equestrian career in a myriad of ways.

  • Acquire experience as you tend to your horse. Level up to get new tasks that will really keep your horse’s health and happiness up when they are done.
  • Hire a professional trainer to train your horse for the competitions if you’d rather not do so yourself.
  • Buy a variety of items and upgrades, such as new feed recipes, treats, saddles, and so on.
  • Be on the lookout for especially rare and valuable gems. Spending them can cause all sorts of seemingly magical effects to occur. Your workers could finish their tasks instantaneously, your horse could recover all of its stamina in no time flat, and more!

Enter the Competition

My Horse is not just a pet simulator. There is also a fair amount of action as well. If you want to see how the horse that you have been raising with your blood, sweat and tears fares physically, then nothing gauges your progress better than some healthy competition. Put the horse’s skills and your reflexes to the test by entering all kinds of horse-riding contests. Put on a show and you’ll earn enormous cash rewards and some recognition to boot!

  • Train your horse. Teach it how to sprint, hurdle and overcome obstacles.
  • Tap the button on your screen at the correct time to make your horse perform a daring leap in the air. Master this technique to win the crowd’s favor!
  • Watch the action unfold before your very eyes in real time.
  • Put on a good enough show to unlock even more challenging competitions.

Take the Experience Online

My Horse doesn’t just need to be about your horse in particular. There’s a whole online community of fellow equestrians out there that can enhance your game in many unexpected ways.

  • Lend a hand to your friends by tending to their own horses while they’re away. Give them a nice surprise when they find their prized mare to be even happier and healthier than ever before.
  • Earn extra experience and money by caring for other players’ horses.
  • Show off screenshots of your steed to all your friends on Facebook.
  • Enter competitions against other players and see how both you and your horse perform in comparison to all of them. Earn a bigger cash prize the higher up on the ladder you go.

Make My Horse Yours

My Horse is by far one of the most unique titles you will likely find for the iPad and iPhone. It has all the aspects we know and love about the pet simulator and adds a few challenging components with a competitive edge on the side. It’s also one of the best-looking iOS games around and pushes the graphical capabilities of both devices to their limits. Horse lovers will definitely find a lot to enjoy about My Horse, but other gamers might also attain a newfound love for our equine friends as well.


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