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My Little Pony

Rebuild Ponyville and Save the Ponies from Nightmare Moon!

My Little Pony Review
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ASO Exclusive Review Summary


  • Building and managing Ponyville is fun
  • Brilliant graphics capture the charm of the animated series
  • Familiar music, voices and sound effects from the show give this game loads of appeal
  • Tons of unlockable ponies from the smash hit series
  • Play and help out your friends and neighbors with easy social integration

Game Description

Are You A Fan of ‘My Little Pony’? You’ll Love This Game!

This fun game features many of the stars of My Little Pony, including the Mane Six. The art, music, and voice acting are true to the show. It also includes some of the popular recurring Ponies. Jeff Letrotski and Derpy Hooves even make appearances. Fans of all ages will enjoy the game.

Rebuild Ponyville

Your goal is to help rebuild Ponyville. You’ll do this by buying land, building houses, recruiting other Ponies, and creating businesses. There are 60 levels, which means there are plenty of Ponies to join you.

There are at least 50 Ponies you can earn in the game. Complete the different quests to earn more bits, shards, experience points, and sometimes even gems. Assign your Ponies to a job as soon as you can once they join you. You’ll earn bits and sometimes Element Shards. Save up the bits for unlocking more Ponies, clearing land, and building homes and businesses. The Element Shards are used to reactivate the Harmony Stones.

Earn Stars and Bits by Playing Pony Games!

Ponies might work hard in the stores to help earn Bits, but they love to play, too! You can help them earn more stars by playing Ball Bounce and Apple Picking.

Ball Bounce is a simple swipe game to bounce a ball between a Pony and you. Apple Picking is an easy touch game where you try to catch as many good apples as possible. You earn points towards stars each time you play. Check with Ponies often to see if the mini-games are available.

Every time a Pony earns a star, you can play Magic Wings. This mini-game gives your pony wings to fly through the air and collect clouds and bits. Try to collect as many as you can.

You can play Balloon Pop for free once a day and more often if you use gems or hearts. Popping a balloon will earn you bits, experience points, and element shards. If you use hearts to play, you might also earn some gems. If you use gems to play, you’ll get a random prize that could be bits, element shards, decorations, or even other Ponies.

Gems and Hearts

Gems are the premium currency in My Little Pony. You can earn some by playing the game. You can also purchase more in the Gameloft store. Hearts are the social currency. You can give and receive a heart from each friend, and you’ll earn more hearts by interacting with people on your friends list.

An Interactive Environment

Tap on every item you see around you. If you tap repeatedly on a tree, for instance, you can ‘shake loose’ a bit. Hay bales and stacks will also reward you with a bit. Once you’ve harvested all the bits in your viewing area, move on to another area and grab the bits there. You can come back to the first area and harvest bits again after a period of time.

If you see Parasprites, use an element shard to dispel them. This will earn you some bits and also allow you to have an open area to build another home or business in Ponyville.

Save Equestria from Nightmare Moon

In order to prevent Nightmare Moon from bringing darkness to all of Equestria, you’ll help Ponies reactivate the Harmony Stones. Use element shards to restore all six of the Harmony Stones. This will spread friendship and light throughout the land and push out the darkness.

My Little Pony is an addictive game, especially for fans of the show. You’ll enjoy meeting all your favorite Ponies and being part of rebuilding Ponyville. Join My Little Pony today and help save Equestria!


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