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Rescue Friends Solitaire

Help save the forest from a mysterious disease in Rescue Friends Solitaire

Rescue Friends Solitaire
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What’s Free – Play game for 100 minutes.
File Size – 128 MB
Play It On –¬†Windows 7 or better

Game Description

The regions of the Tree of Life have seen a tremendous deal of adversity throughout the years, with fires, floods, and even a volcanic eruption wreaking havoc. Despite this, Luan the fox was able to preserve the forest each time. Nature, on the other hand, has more surprises in store. Now, from the depths of the ground, a black and tenacious illness has emerged. It has begun to creep outwards from deep underground cracks, infecting whatever it comes into contact with. The trees have begun to decay and wither since the soil has become parched and unproductive. The illness has spread over the areas surrounding the Tree. The forest’s guardian spirits are unable to address the issue on their own, and the Tree of Life lacks sufficient power to cure all of the plants. Only Luan now has a chance of preventing the annihilation of all life in these countries. But wait, there’s more…Help the forest spirits combat the unknown sickness and preserve the forest by completing 200 card patterns at varying levels of difficulty.




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