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Expand Your Army, Fight Strategically, Conquer Land, and Take Over the World!

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Game Description

This is War

Risk is by far one of the most, if not the most, widespread war games to have ever seen the light of day. Ever since it was unleashed upon the world in 1957, it has encouraged millions of gamers to field vast armies and embark on massive campaigns to conquer the world through military might. With a simple roll of the dice, alliances would shift, territories would change hands, and armies would rise and fall.

The game has persisted for over half a century and it has now seen a whole new release on the computer. With this edition of Risk, you will now be able to enjoy the classic board game from the comfort of your own desk. All the strategic depth is there and thanks to the advent of modern technology, gameplay is far more convenient than ever before.

Draft your soldiers, start fortifying your borders in Australia, and make doubly sure to avoid a land war in Asia. This is not just any war you’re about to take part in. This is Risk!

All the Strategy of the Original Game

Risk is a game of surprising depth. It’s easy to learn but hard to master. The difference between victory and defeat can be only one die roll away; a legion of strong men can hold back the tide of an army so vast that it covers the entire earth and a small but brave contingent of soldiers can cut through the military of the mightiest empire on the planet.

Even so, positioning is important and so is keeping your lands secure. There are a lot of actions you must undertake in a single turn and what you do in that turn will undoubtedly have repercussions on the turns to come.

Just remember: all is fair in love and war. When the stakes are as high as they are in Risk, you’ll come to realize just how fair a lot of things will suddenly become!

  • Begin your turn by drafting new recruits from your territories. Put your new armies in whatever territories you feel will need them the most.
  • Commence the invasion! Send your armies into nearby territories and conquer them by eliminating every army stationed there down to the last man.
  • Determine the course of combat with a simple roll of the dice. The number of armies you send in will correspond to the number of dice you may roll.
  • Move as many armies as you want into newly-conquered territory.
  • Wage as many battles and invade as many foreign regions as you like or that your military can handle.
  • Fortify your positions after the smoke clears and the fighting ends. Move troops from one area to another where they can hopefully offer a far more spirited defense.
  • Take over an entire continent to acquire even greater bonuses and recruit even more soldiers.
  • Acquire cards either naturally or by pillaging them from the spoils of other players. Form matching sets and turn them in to get even more troops.
  • Turn on the tutorial to learn all of the ins and outs of Risk. Helpful message prompts will appear to guide you over the course of every turn.
  • Play by yourself against the AI or engage in old-school hot seat gameplay against other human players.

More Convenient than Ever to Play

Leading a campaign of global domination can be exciting, but portions of it could certainly be considered a hassle with the old board game.

That kind of format doesn’t make the game feel particularly exciting and it does a poor job at reflecting the drama that is supposed to be unfolding. Most of all, it’s difficult to really stay up to date with the game if you can’t even watch your opponents place their troops, plan their strategies, or roll their dice.

This version of Risk does away with all of that. It might do its best to simulate the actual board game experience by letting you pour over a map for the entire game, but through a series of beautifully simple visual and audio cues, it makes the game of Risk far more intense and dramatic. Absolutely nothing is withheld from your senses; everything that can happen in Risk will occur before your very eyes!

  • Watch the turns of your computer opponents occur in real time. Look at them closely as they draft their troops, fortify their positions, and launch every single one of their attacks. See entire armies disappear in a flash as battles are won and lost.
  • Listen to atmospheric music that will gear both you and your troops up for war.
  • Hear the hail of gunfire and thunderous clamoring of bombs as your soldiers fight, kill and die in your name.

Customize Your Game

The beauty of the original board game was that there was more than one way to play it. There were multiple ways the game could begin, there were multiple ways for each player to achieve victory, there were multiple strategies one could adopt, and there were always house rules to spice things up.

While no computer edition of Risk can hope to match the flexibility that the board game was capable of, this version is certainly no slouch in that department. A ton of options are available that allow you to change the way your game can be played. No two rounds of Risk should ever be alike!

  • Play against the computer on three levels of difficulty. Every subsequent level results in increasingly more cunning opponents.
  • Play a game with up to six players in total. Mix and match human and computer opponents to your heart’s content.
  • If you and your buddies want to play more strategically, you can opt to take turns where you each claim your starting territories.
  • If you just want to start battling right away, you can have the computer randomly assign territory to everyone automatically. Play the hand you’re dealt and get ready to improvise a little.
  • Allow cards to either grow progressively more powerful over time or leave them static for the entire game.

Earn Extra Rewards

What is that? Is simply crushing your enemy underfoot not its own reward? Do you want to win more than just bragging rights after you wipe the floor with your friends’ armies? If so, then you should be delighted to know that this edition of Risk has more to offer than just global domination.

There are a variety of challenges to complete over the course of the game. As you accomplish them, you will win a variety of medals which will undoubtedly prove your strategic mastery over Risk once and for all!

  • Win over a dozen different medals, all of which are grouped into Shield, General’s Star and Wreath categories.
  • Complete challenging tasks, such as holding a continent for at least five turns, winning a game in under four turns, withstanding an overwhelming force’s blitz attack, and much more!
  • Go to the in-game Intelligence Department of Medals and Awards to check your progress and see how close you are to unlocking your next medal.

Enlist Today!

There is a reason why so many people in the past have lost many nights of sleep to this game of international warfare and global domination. The mechanics are simple, the strategy is deep, and most of all, it is just plain addicting.

With this new electronic edition of Risk, the game is now better than ever before. The strategy that the game employed is all there in a convenient digital package that you and your friends can easily play anytime and anywhere. It doesn’t matter if you are a long-time veteran of Risk or are still wet behind the ears in the domain of war. This version of the game can and will be a worthy addition to your library.


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