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Twin Mind: Power of Love Collector’s Edition

The Twin Mind Series has a thrilling sequel! Enjoy Twin Mind: Power of Love Collector’s Edition

Twin Mind: Power of Love Collector’s Edition
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What’s Free – Play game for 100 minutes.
File Size – 1260 MB
Play It On –¬†Windows 7 or better

Game Description

Randall and Eleanor, the twin detectives who each offer a distinct perspective to every case, are the only ones who can track down a young lady kidnapped from a public area in the middle of the day, with no witnesses! Randall is a forensics specialist who searches for clues using science and reasoning, whereas Eleanor relies on intuition and esoteric mysticism. But even their combined talents might not be enough this time. They’ll need your aid and expertise to make sure this isn’t their final mystery! In this pulse-pounding new Hidden-Object Puzzle Adventure, gather your wits for an amazing detective adventure! This is a unique Collector’s Edition edition with bonuses not available in the normal version.




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